Official: Valencia was elected Manchester United players in the hearts of the best players


Date & time May 19
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Manchester United in (how to get Rocket League Trading you can come to lolga)  the season's awards ceremony, the team side of the way star Valencia was elected club 2016-17 season players in the eyes of the season's best player.

This season, Valencia has always been the team defender position on the choice, he is the club 5 for the team starting more than 40 players, Valencia this season won the best of three months Player award, he helped the club into the finals of Stockholm's UEFA Cup. This season, he played 42 games, scored 1 goal, and contributed 6 assists.

Valencia said: "This is the result of hard work.I am grateful for the coach's praise, for the fans and teammates support also grateful, I want to say thank you, especially Fellini "

As the club 2015-16 season player in mind the best player, Smolin told MUTV why he will vote for Valencia, he said: "Valencia has been very stable performance, and sometimes he is the club's answer, Whether it is right back or right winger position, he is very reliable performance.


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