he reason I did the reveal was


Date & time May 19
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he reason I did the reveal was for my family, for my parents,” he said. “The recognition perspective was for them and my grandparents, who didn’t know I was Otto. But if I could go back, I honestly don’t know if I’d do it. It’s MUT 18 Coins important for me to be recognized as Otto. It’s all about S.U.”Stephen, the UNC student who gives life to Rameses was recently unmasked at senior night, too. But he said no one really paid attention — it wasn’t as produced as Syracuse’s reveal. In fact, th Buy MUT 18 Coins e student inside the Rameses suit isn’t actually named Stephen Jones. He was still clinging to the shreds of anonymity he had left, and he didn’t want me using his real name. “You get to put yourself out there without people actually knowing it’s you.”Stephen and Isaac are soft-spoken and businesslike. Both wore their requisite spirit team jumpsuits and were clean shaven with neatly cut hair. Isaac already has a job lined up at Ernst & Young when he graduates. Stephen is hoping to enter the professional mascot world, and if that doesn’t work, will try to get a job in a sports WELCOMETOhttp://www.maddenvip.com/

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