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laaradavis Mar 3
Web Design 

The web design process is not just coding and designing new layouts for websites. There's planning all throughout the process to build a successful and beneficial website. The initial step in the process is to determine what you want to achieve with the web page, like directly sell products and create a brand name or provide an online application. As you determine your chief purpose, you'll have to stick to it during the process since it will be modified to other identified purposes later.

When building a website, either you hire outside help or not; check your budget and find out if it's a long or short term project in promoting the business or the product. For long a term web page, there's a need for a simple update design prepared to allow updates and fresh content to go into the website opposite to a site that has a short duration. You may want to invest more funds or resources with short term plans since the website's profitability will only be open for a short time period. The website's approach will find out the designer quality that's decided on and the designer must be informed of the website's objective so he can efficiently design the page that matches your needs.