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laaradavis Mar 29
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Many people dabble briefly with the Law of Attraction. They don't feel as though their manifesting results in the attainment of their dreams and they move on, dismissing the idea outright in the process. That's unfortunate, because many of them undoubtedly walked away from exactly what they wanted all along.

That's another secret to manifesting that people don't always recognize. Sometimes, you get exactly what you want and you don't even realize it. That's because the things you desire don't appear on your doorstep in a big cardboard box. A night of wanting something doesn't schedule an early delivery for the next morning. Instead, it opens up the opportunities you need to attain exactly what you need. Those doors are frequently opened, but people fail to recognize it, looking for the "prize itself" instead.

You see, manifesting isn't just a matter of placing an order. The Law of Attraction doesn't give you access to the equivalent of a department store catalog. The underlying cosmic truths that govern manifestation don't promise the opportunity to get what you want in a box with a bow on top of it. What they do promise is the opportunity to achieve your objectives and to create scenarios in which you can acquire what you're after.