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laaradavis Mar 30
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A friend thinks her life is being ruined by candida, as she doesn't work or date right now because of candida. Recently, she has noticed that there is some blood when she brushes her teeth. She wonders if this is a part of the oral candida.

I have had severe gum/teeth problems related to candida, or should I say, gum disease is what got me in trouble with candida. It was too late for me, but you can save your teeth if it hasn't gone too far. This is a lack of beneficial bacteria, weak immunity, and nutritional deficiencies. Start taking coQ10, mega vitamin C, and Calcium. Also, you can make slurry with powdered cayenne pepper and force into the gums. This will burn, but it will heal and tighten the gums.

Swishing with MSM powder and water after brushing will definitely help clear it up, too. Another thing which made a huge difference with me was changing to an electric toothbrush. It has been quite a time since I mentioned MSM on this page and it is very beneficial for candidiasis sufferers, but you have to use only the powder in large quantities instead of the capsules because initial cleansing with it is extremely important. I have done some research on this.