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laaradavis Apr 17
Fungaway Review  A nasty disease is slowly becoming an epidemic and it strikes an important but often neglected part of the body. I'm talking about toenail fungus. Known scientifically as onychomycosis, toenail fungus is a very common disease. In fact, it is estimated that as much as one in every ten person in the United States have been infected with the disease for at least once in their lives. Fortunately, natural toenail fungus remedies exist which will be discussed later on.

The disorder remain largely unnoticed because people who have it are embarrassed to talk about it. This is because toenail fungus is a cosmetic disease that can really affect a person socially. The disease is characterized by a discoloration and distortion of the toenails that is simply too embarrassing and offensive to show to other people. Toenail fungus is also contagious so people who are suffering from it are always conscious about spreading the disease. Moreover, toenail fungus is accompanied by a very foul odor. Often, people with this disease would rather stay at home than go out and run the risk of being embarrassed in public or spreading the disease.