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Searching the right accommodation

A college student must find the right accommodation if he has to live a good college life. Without the right accommodation, students will face a number of challenges in their college life, which will mess up their head and keep them deprived of the best experience that this phase of life offers.


A few years back, when I went to England for higher studies, I did not finalize my accommodation before leaving. I arrived in England not knowing where I was going to stay, so the first couple of weeks were really hectic for me. On the first day of my college life, I was asked to submit an essay within a couple of days. I did not know how I was going to do my essay, but soon I made some friends at the college and they taught me how I could write an essay really quickly. I started staying at a hotel which was not so expensive, but after a week I started to realize that I was spending a lot of money on this hotel.


It was time for me to find a proper accommodation. The notice boards at the university helped me a lot because it was there where I found the ad for the house which I’m renting these days.